Our History


McQuarrie Motors has the humblest beginning, it all started with 25-year-old Donald A. McQuarrie opening a garage business in 1927. He later partnered with his brother M. R. (Mac) McQuarrie to grow the business. Ronald M McQuarrie, son of Donald, began working with his father and uncle soon after returning from war service and university. Ron would typically start at 8:00 Am sharp and work until 11:00 Pm. Ron watched as the business grew from a small repair garage to a thriving Goodyear Tire and GM dealership. After many years of successfully selling Hudson, Austin and Reo vehicles, the brothers accepted a GM franchise for Chevrolet and Oldsmobile in 1950. Less than a year later, the construction began on a new building for the dealership. The success of the business allowed them to open a new branch in Spragge. In 1959 Mac McQuarrie took over the operation, leaving D. A. McQuarrie and son Ron to run the Gore Bay Location. In 1968 Ronald M McQuarrie purchased the business from his father. Being an innovator, Ron made many expansions to the business. He made service to farmers and loggers easily accessible with road side calls, which kept his 60-Mile market happy.

In 1984 Ron's Son Donald J McQuarrie Purchased the operation in Gore Bay. After many successful years, Donald the keen businessman looked for expansion. He feared Globalization would make it difficult for a small rural dealership to survive. So in 1998 Don reached an agreement to purchase the thriving gm store, Lake Shore Motors ltd. in Kirkland lake. Several Years Later in 2004 Donald purchased the Gm dealership Espanola Garage. He then Rebranded Espanola Garage, along with Gore bay and little current to Form McQuarrie Motors Products Inc. The much Larger operation thrived valuing being active in the communities under Donald’s operation.

McQuarrie Motor Products INC. And Lakeshore Motors LTD. Have remained a Family run Operation With Donald's Son Ronald J. McQuarrie & Donald's long time Business associate Arthur Madore under helm.


McQuarrie Motor Products inc., formerly known as Espanola Garage, has been around since the 1920's. It started out as nothing more than a small 12 x 15 foot shed with no dealership and a singular gas pump with a hand crank. Feb Vincent, the original owner of Espanola Garage Ltd., originally franchised with the Durant car company until it went bankrupt. Very quickly after, it became a Chrysler dealership and expanded the building. A short time later, while still working with Chrysler, was shipped two car loads from Ford which made Espanola Garage a combined Ford and Chrysler dealership for a very short time. It wasn't until 1932 that he managed to secure a General Motors franchise deal, which is what we continue to be today. In 1961, he chose to make the switch to the building we call home to this day. The family business operated for many years until it was bought by Joe Risko. Joe Ran A successful business for many years. IN 2004 Donald McQuarrie Purchased the Dealership, rebrand and expanded to McQuarrie Motor Products Inc. Which it is presently known and operates